Hello Spring...bring on Wedding season!

It feels like a long time since I went to a wedding!

That's because people don't tend to get married in winter. Most people prefer the idea of a balmy day filled with sunshine, sleeveless lace and pastel colours, outdoor ceremonies and birds singing in the background, to share vows and celebrate love.

I can understand that totally. I'm very much a summer person and find the winter season hard to bear and even a little depressing, so add to that the lack of weddings to officiate at and I could quite happily vote winter off the island for good.

I'm really looking forward to the mood upswing and excitement that people have about them at this time of the year. I enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation that sunnier days and warmer weather bring and the fact that now people will start thinking more about their plans and booking in wedding services, hopefully including me!

It's funny, I always wanted to be a Celebrant but until I actually conducted my first wedding I had no idea how much I would enjoy it and how much I would wish I had done it much sooner in my life. Not being one for regrets I wouldn't say it's one of those but I do think about all the wonderful weddings I could have been part of if I had made the move before now. But on the flip side I'm so glad I experienced it and now get to share the special day of so many happy couples...lucky me!

So bring on wedding season....bring on the sunshine. Bring on the smiles and the dresses, the joy, the tears, the excitement and the nerves....bring it all on because I can't wait to contribute to these happy occasions again and say goodbye to boring old grey winter in exchange for the gift of summer.

#wedding #summer

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